Creation of Helou Helou Webcomic

May 17, 2013 – Creation of Helou Helou webcomic and the website took around 6 months. Here I’ll try to shortly describe how it all happened.

My name is Zlatko and I live in Seattle, Washington. Seattle is some 5600 miles away from Split, Croatia where my friend Pivac lives. I write the stories, and he draws the pictures.



Characters – The Sketch on the left is one of our first character development attempts. In this particular sketch, in the text balloon, Pivac misspelled word Hello. Instead of Hello he wrote Helou, and erased it when I pointed out the mistake. His mistake eventually become the name of our webcomic. We pronounce it He-loo.

Ben – The first test strip we made had 5 characters in it. One of them, a guy with a really long nose, and no eyes, we liked the most. Eventually he become Ben, our lead male character. Below in the first 2 panels of our test strip you can see Ben holding a stone tablet, and you can see his fully developed character in the 3rd panel.













Mary – The lead female character went through a couple of pre-production changes. She was formed with a lot of help from my daughter Emma, who gave us much needed female perspective. Below you can see the final 3 stages of Mary’s transformation.


Website Launch – Right now it seems like the website will be ready for launch next Tuesday, May 21st. The first 5 strips will be published at this time, and then new strips will be added on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

Only the first 2 strips are black and white, and all other will be in color. After the launch we will work on the website store. The store will offer prints of our favorite strips in the beginning, and more stuff later.

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